zero emission container transport including first and last mile


emission-free transport

The Paris Climate Agreement and the Green Deals formulate the political, economic and social mission we stand for: a rapid and drastic reduction of harmful emissions. We are indebted to future generations.

Electrical windmill

Businesses have an important role to play. Zero Emission Logistics BV anticipates the ecological evolution with the introduction of completely emission-free shipping and transport of containers on European waterways. The terminals and ships affiliated with us exclusively use sustainable wind and solar energy. Good news for large forwarders and operators.

green corridor

The foundation of ZEL's existence is crystal clear. A "green corridor" for road, rail and water transport. Zero emission vessels and terminals,  with the ambition to also offer zero emission first and last mile transport services.

Zero Emission Logistics BV and business partner PortLiner are realizing the first step: fully electric powered inland shipping without harmful emissions. 


Artist’s impression of zero emission logistics chain.

ZEL_icons_ZWART_01_Container truck.png
ZEL_icons_ZWART_01_Inland terminal.png
ZEL_icons_ZWART_01_Portliner ship.png
ZEL_icons_ZWART_01_Sea terminal.png
ZEL_icons_ZWART_01_Sea terminal to sea s

Zero is the standard

The climate agreement (Paris, December 2015) is our driving force. To contribute to ensuring a sustainable and liveable 'planet earth'. Efforts are focused on logistic processes on and around European inland waterways. No compromise, zero is the standard.