Maintain promise


ZEL delivers on its promise with the deployment of the latest generation PortLiner container barges. The technology feeding the electric propulsion of this revolutionary vessel makes the crucial difference in sustainability.

The PortLiner vessel does not charge power with a cable from the dock. Nor exchanges the "empty" battery pack in its entirety for full batteries. These options are time consuming and expensive.

The lifespan of regular (lithium-ion) batteries is restrictive and the initial production and processing of batteries at the end of their lifespan remains seriously harmful to the environment.

In concrete terms: the battery remains in place during charging. The ship only replaces it’s liquid. No chance of contamination and no safety risks.

The balance

The vanadium-based electrolyte is re-useable for a period of at least fifty years. Even after that period the alternative fuel still delivers the same power without environmental impact, if properly maintained.

vanadium-based electrolyte


The flow battery offers the solution. The "refueling" takes barely thirty minutes and provides enough energy to sail for several days at full capacity. The non-toxic and non-flammable electrolyte is repeatedly charged one hundred percent sustainable on a dedicated pontoon. The necessary installations run entirely on wind and solar energy.

missing link


The missing link in the emission-free logistics process is road transport. Full electric is on the rise there. A greater range for full electric powered heavier vehicles, and the green corridor is a fact. Forwarders, operators and terminals will be given the ultimate opportunity to realize accelerated sustainable transport by filling in the missing link.